Photographing Memories 

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The Hamptons: Southern Illinois Family Photographer (Benton)

Initially we had planned a photo shoot for Rend Lake however this day ended up being super windy and down near the water the wind just wasn’t letting up. We made the collective decision to instead head to the park, this definitely helped the wind situation. The little guy was super busy and really did…


Baby Bumpus: Southern Illinois Baby Photographer (Benton)

Little baby Bumpus was almost my very first tiny baby to photograph. I did practice with my nephew at various ages starting at 2 weeks however he is now almost 2. This little guy was only 1 month old at this photo shoot. We set up indoors in front of french doors and I had…


Bob & Melissa: Southern Illinois Couples Photographer (Benton)

I had so much fun with Bob and Melissa’s session. We did the entire session at the visitors center at Rend Lake. We tried many new things with this session and I carried that into my editing. Here are some of my favorites from the session.

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