Photographing Memories 

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Baby Bumpus Vday Photos: Southern Illinois Baby Photographer

This little guy is an absolute heartbreaker! I am really enjoying being able to watch him grow. Just before Valentines day we did a little session, he was 3.5 months at this time. You can check out his 1mo and Christmas pictures too. Can’t wait to photograph him again.


Rori: Southern Illinois Child Photographer

Rori is one of my nieces and she turned 10 this winter so we went out to do a session. I can’t believe how grown up she is looking. Here are a few of my favorites.


Athens 11.5 months: Southern Illinois Baby Photographer (Benton)

Over the Holidays and busy photography season leading up to Christmas I got behind on photographing miss Athens. If you recall she is the gorgeous little baby that I watched and was my muse over most of 2012. You can see more of her 6mo, 7 mo, 8mo and 9mo On this day it was dreary and cold outside…

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