Photographing Memories 

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Little Miss E – Southern Illinois Child Photography (Benton Park)

Thursday evening I got the opportunity to have a “play date” with this adorable 2 year old.  She brought along her dinosaurs and I brought the bubbles.

It was very hot outside but she was a trooper and I am pretty sure she was wanting to stay long after we were done.

I didn’t get too many smiles from her, she was pretty solemn, however smiles or not she was just too cute.






A Beautiful Sunset – Southern Illinois Teen Photographer (Rend Lake)


A few weeks ago I took my youngest daughter out for some practice.  I am trying new things with my photography and I am working had to get stronger at shooting in manual mode.

We were getting ready to head home after spending some time trying to figure out some lighting in a wooded area.  The sun was going down and it looked beautiful so I pulled the car over and talked her into laying on the ground which I am sure was not very comfortable.

I absolutely love how this photo came out!  The only editing I did was to smooth her face a little,  I didn’t touch anything else.



Update: On Jamie’s suggestion I went in to Gimp and just adjusted the white balance.  This second image is definitely warmer and just full of the golden tones from the sunset.


Simply Sweet – Southern Illinois Baby Photographer (Benton)

This baby girl is as sweet as they come.  The first image was taken indoors.  I was practicing taking photos using only window lighting.


The next 2 images were taken outdoors.   We were in open shade with open sky directly above her which made for some great light in her eyes.


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